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U9 And Below Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) Game Play Guidelines:

2022 Hockey Season what needs to be completed:
Resource Links for Coaches and Bench Staff: 

As of May 15th, 2021 eHockey has been retired.

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If selected as bench staff there are 3 mandatory waivers that need to be completed prior to you being rostered. 
Please review your hockey profile in detail and complete all areas. (red star items are mandatory)


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Player Injury Log:

Injury Report Form:

BBMHA Complaints regarding the Operation of the Association & Parent Complaints Processes

Full Rules and Regulations can be found at:

Section 2:

2.7 Complaints regarding the Operation of the Association

a) Complaints or questions regarding the operation of the Association must be submitted, in

writing, with signature to the Complaints Director. Any complaints received without

signature by email or by telephone will not be addressed.

b) Written complaints and questions received shall be included in the agenda of the next

meeting of the Executive.

c) Complaints/questions should be submitted at least one week prior to the Executive

Meeting to allow sufficient time for a full investigation before the meeting.

d) Upon receipt of a complaint, the Complaints Director will investigate the complaint and

present recommendations to the Executive or for immediate, serious issues, may call a

special meeting of the Executive.

e) Discussions of complaints of a sensitive or personal nature at an Executive Meeting will

not be open to the general membership and shall be kept confidential.

f) All complaints shall receive a written reply.


Section 7:

7.5 Parent Complaints

a) Any Parent complaints regarding the coaching staff or the operation of the team must be

given to the team rep, after the mandatory 24 hour cooling off period; in writing with

signature (either by hand, or scanned electronic copy). Emails to Complaints Director accepted.

All complaints will first be

attempted to be resolved at the team level by the Team Rep with the parties involved.

b) If a resolution can not be agreed upon at the team level, the Vice President/Complaints

Director will be contacted by the team rep to be an intermediary in assisting a resolution

with the parties involved.

c) If a resolution can still not be reached the Executive will make a ruling after a hearing of

the parties involved.