Rowan's Law (Blyth Brussels Minor Hockey)

Rowan's Law
Rowan’s Law: Concussion Awareness Resources Learn about the Concussion Awareness Resources that amateur athletes, parents, coaches, team trainers and officials are required to review.

What is Rowan's Law?

Rowan Stringer was a 17-year old Ottawa varsity rugby player who died from sustaining multiple concussions resulting in a catastrophic swelling of the brain – second impact syndrome. On March 7, 2018, Ontario passed Rowan's Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 and related amendments to the Education Act. Update from OMHA regarding the legislative requirements under the implementation of Rowan’s Law by the Government of Ontario. BBMHA participants are required to review the issued Concussion Awareness Resources below, then submit the Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form. Every player, coach and bench staff must have a Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form completed. A separate form must be completed for each player in your household.

10 and Under Concussion Awareness Resource

11 to 14 Concussion Awareness Resource

15 and Older Concussion Awareness Resource

Player / Official Information

Please review the following

Parent/Guardian Information

Rowans Law Acknowledgement