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The Jeremy Austin Most Dedicated Bantam Award 2012-2013




A little info on how this award came about...On Feb 24th 1999 Jeremy and his twin brother Scott were on a skiing trip with the public school at Talisman.


This day Jeremy was injured in a snowboarding accident and passed away from his injuries.


The Blyth Bantam Bulldogs were one game away from winning the WOAA.


The final game was postponed one week for the team to put to rest their teammate and decide as a team whether they could continue because just the week before a mother of one of their team mates had also passed away in a car accident.


The past two Friday nights these young boys had spent at a funeral home. They were just left breathless and not knowing which way to turn.


We as a family talked it over and encouraged the team to continue as that is what Jeremy would want and his brother Scott said “no he was going to play”. He and Jeremy had always played on the same line as teammates. These boys lived for their hockey.


The team went on to win the WOAA and to be runner up in All Ontario. The team played with their hearts on their sleeves that year but played as a team keeping each other strong.


We the Austin family decided to sponsor an award in memory of Jeremy.


This award should be given to a player who is an all around team player. Is there to do his part as a player no matter what it should be. Who supports his fellow teammates. He plays to the best of his personal ability and represents his team well, both on and off the ice.


This award has been handed out to many well deserving young men over the past years and we hope to continue to hand out for many more to come.


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