3 On 3 U11&U13 Ball Hockey - Brussels HomeComing (Blyth Brussels Minor Hockey)

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3 on 3 Ball Hockey Tournament Friday July 29 - Saturday July 30, 2022
Team Information
6 Teams max per Division A team is not confirmed until registration and payment is received. Roster: 6 players, 1 goalie =7 total
Coaches Information
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Player Information
6 players, 1 goalie =7 total
  1. Rules and Regulations

    • Games will be played in 30-minute allotments (including two 15 minute halves, running time, separated by a 1 minute half-time break)
    •  Teams can be all girls, all boys or co-ed 

    1.    There is absolutely ZERO tolerance and any excessive behavior will result in automatic suspension from the remainder of the tournament. 

    2.    A high sticking is called if a player’s stick has contact with a ball/puck above a player’s shoulders. The play will then be blown dead and the ball will be given to the opposing team at the location that the high sticking occurred. 

    3.    If a ball/puck goes out of the playing area, the team that last touched the ball loses possession, and the opposite team gets the ball at the location it left play.  When the ball is brought back into play the team with possession must be given 3 meters or up to 5 seconds to make a play on the ball. After 5 seconds has elapsed the opposing team will be allowed to go after the ball.

    4.    Face-offs will only occur at the start of each half and will always take place at centre ice.

    5.    Once a goal has been scored, the opposing team must fully clear half before attacking. The ball/puck is live immediately once scored on.

    6.    If a game ends in a tie, each team will pick 3 shooters to shoot in a round robin style shoot out. If the game is still tied after 3 shooters, it will immediately go into a sudden death shoot out. Teams must fully go through the roster before repeating shooters. For co-ed divisions, 1 in every 3 shooters must be female. Coin flip will decide who shoots first.

    7.    In playoffs, if a game ends in a tie there will be a 5-minute sudden death over time. If it is still tied after overtime, it will continue into the shootout format. 

    8.    If a team is winning by 10 goals at any point in the second half, a mercy rule will be implemented, and the game will be over.  

    9.    No slap shots will be allowed. Slap shot is defined as a wind-up where the blade of the players stick goes above their waist.  If a slap shot is taken it will result in an immediate possession for the opposing team.

    10.  Referees will stop any play that results in contact between opposing players for more than 3 seconds. If referee cannot determine who had possession, face off at centre ice will be the result. 


    1.    There is absolutely ZERO tolerance and any excessive behavior will result in automatic suspension from the remainder of the tournament. 

    2.    All penalties will result in a penalty shot being awarded to the offended team at the end of the game. There will be no stoppage of play after the penalty. The team offended will be awarded the puck in the neutral zone on a penalty call in their offensive zone, or given the puck in a cleared defensive zone if called in their own end.

    3.    When a penalty shot is being taken, the players who are not shooting must stand on the opposite side of half from which the shot is being taken. Any player on the roster is allowed to take the penalty shot. 

    4.    Any player having been assessed three (3) minor penalties in the same game will be automatically ejected from that game.
    (a) Penalty shots will be taken simultaneously at the end of the game.
    (b) All divisions will be awarded three (3) penalty shots each. This rule allows for the players to all experience the penalty shots.
    (c) Referee has the right to determine awarded penalty shots per team (ex. should things get out of hand, referee can reduce/ cancel penalty shots).

    5.    Major Penalties
    (a) Major penalties will result in the immediate ejection of the offending player(s) and suspension from the remainder of the tournament.
    (b) Fighting majors will result in suspension for the remainder of the tournament.

  2. Equipment Requirements 

    1. Goaltenders are required to bring their own full equipment. Helmet, Blocker, Catcher, Chest Protector, Goalie Stick and Pads are required for all goalies. Hockey pants and a jock are recommended but not enforced for goalies. 
    Gloves, Stick and Running shoes are required for all players. Helmets are mandatory. 
    Any type of hockey stick is allowed, but if the stick is chipped, sharp, or deemed dangerous by the official the player may be asked to switch sticks prior to playing.

Cost: $175.00 per Team U11 Division 6 teams max; first come, first serve for registration U13 Division 6 teams max; first come, first serve for registration Registration Due June 25 payment due - e transfer to [email protected]
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