CSA Stickers Must Remain on Helmets, News (Blyth Brussels Minor Hockey)

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Feb 08, 2009 | kreid | 4946 views
CSA Stickers Must Remain on Helmets
Removing CSA stickers from helmets, both Player and Referee, contravenes Hockey Canada rules as follows...

Hockey Canada Rule 24.6:

“If the Referee’s attention is drawn to the possibility that a facial protector or helmet may not be certified (CSA approved), or if the Referee observes that a facial protector or helmet may not be certified, and should that piece of equipment in effect turn out not to be certified, the referee shall assess a Minor penalty and at the same time order that illegal piece of equipment removed from the game.”

Once a CSA sticker has been removed from a helmet it is considered to be altered and as such no longer meets Ontario Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada standards of protective equipment. Further, being altered brings into question Hockey Canada insurance coverage if an injury was to occur.

CSA International, Canada's leading certification and testing organization, offers the following tips for selecting and maintaining hockey helmets:

· Look for the CSA-mark when purchasing a helmet. The well-known mark tells consumers a product has been tested and certified to meet the requirements of applicable standards.
· Proper fit is essential with any protective sports equipment. Choose a helmet that fits the head snugly.
· Regularly inspect helmets for scratches, cracks in the shell or wear and tear in the liner. Do not use a helmet with a cracked or severely scratched shell or worn liner.
· Helmets should bear the manufacturer’s identification, model identity, date code, size or size range, CSA-certification mark or identification and a permanent warning on the exterior of the helmet about the limits of protection the helmet offers.
· Do not paint or affix decals to a helmet. Decorations can hide cracks, which indicate serious damage to the helmet.

In short, do not remove the CSA sticker from your helmet.